Friday, October 10, 2008

Breakfast Club for lunch, ordered signature dish - chicken wings and waffles; too greasy for my taste. Enjoyed lunch outside in the beautiful weather. A feeling of southern home cooking in big mama's house. Treated ourselves to Teahouse for dessert, my favorite of all.

On another note, the impact of the economic problems are close to home. The hubby and I have actually started living with less beginning of this year. This was in part to save up for our house, but seems like it will be the norm going forward with the unstable economy. It is amazing how you just learn to live with what you have. There are times when I go through shopping withdrawal, but I have a lot more self discipline then ever before. I can actually save instead of spend for the first time in my life! Financial responsibility is not my area of strength. When I am not annoyed with the hubby's conservative ways, I am actually grateful for his financial guidance. I still get to enjoy my simple pleasures, just not as much extra things as before.


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