Thursday, January 29, 2009

There are times I struggle with uncertainity and lack of control. I think change is good as long as I can embrace the unexpected. It is how experience and wisdom is gained. If life happened exactly the way I planned, there would be minimal opportunity for growth. As I tried to make a list of uncertainities in my life, I start to wonder what is certain in life? I am certain of my love and devotion to my family and marriage. I am certain I will nurture and guide my children in their journey in life. I am certain of my values and character. I am certain I want to live a meaningful life. I am certain of my gratitude for the friendships in my life.I am certain I am modest and humble in my ways. I am certain I have the courage and strength to welcome life. I am certain I will give back to the world. For I am certain life is full of uncertainities, so I shall just enjoy the journey!


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