Monday, June 30, 2008

Our Simple Life

Our home can be best described as full of life. As soon as we get home after work, we let out a sigh of relief and shout "we are home"! The little sound of chitter chatter begins as Meagan shares her thoughts and wonders. The hubby and I look at each other and laugh at how funny our daughter is sometimes. Especially since she has a little (actually alot) of both our personalities. All is well until Meagan demands for chocolate right before dinner. Upon rejection of her request, a tantrum is shortly followed by time out. The house is most lively at this moment. Dinner is a constant struggle when trying to feed our tiny daughter. Sometimes we are so exhausted and lazy after dinner, we just abandon the dinner table and run to the sofa to play. We play our usual made-up games and sometimes even sing and dance. At some point, we will end up just laying around watching tv. After a warm bath, the night ends with a bedtime story first read by Meagan, then read by Mommy (the hubby is usually watching UFC).I am thankful for each day of our simple life.


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