Tuesday, September 16, 2008

IKE Adventure

On 9/12 Friday night, both sides of our family stayed over at our house. We prepped as much as we could, and just tried to make the best of the situation. In anticipation of IKE's arrival, we lined our hallway with sleeping bags and pillows. The hubby, Meagan, and I slept in our closet the entire night. We woke up Saturday morning with no power. We did not receive power again until midday Monday. Overall, we had minor damages to our fence and trees. There was a newly built home with only wood frames that completely collapsed near by us.

Lots of quality time spent with family. Meagan had so much fun playing with her cousins almost everyday. Happy to have a warm and safe home where everyone can come to. With or without power we managed to find good dishes to cook almost every night. If we can't do anything about the situation, might as well make the best of it!

Our hearts go out to those hit hardest from the storm in Galveston.


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