Monday, February 2, 2009

25 Random Things

1. I am blessed to be a mommy – the greatest gift of all.
2. I think it is a privilege to grow old with someone - I appreciate and love the hubby and our marriage.
3. I am tranquil, self-controlled, and calm yet can be intense with emotional energy.
4. I have a keen sense of appreciation for life mainly due to my journeys.
5. I am tremendously independent and have a difficult time asking for help.
6. I develop friendships through time and patience – thankful to have a circle of quality friends.
7. I love the art of photography.
8. I love our warm and comfy home – my place of peace.
9. I just want to live a good honest life and be happy.
10. I find great pleasure in dining out with great company.
11. I am a recovering perfectionist and procrastinator.
12. I am athletically challenged.
13. I love spending the day at Barnes and Nobles.
14. I like encouragement and dislike criticism.
15. I love individuality, style, and uniqueness.
16. I love growth and reinvention of self.
17. I am a terrible storyteller – start with beginning straight to the end – short and simple!
18. I admire self-expressions of artsy individuals.
19. I am grouchy when hungry.
20. I am generous and giving and have a difficult time with financial limits.
21. I am decisive and like to make things happen.
22. I love to learn from others but dislike taking orders.
23. I am imaginative and intuitive.
24. I am not much of a phone person.
25. I will leave this last one open just because I have to do things my way…=)


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