Wednesday, December 26, 2007


My hope is to live life with passion and purpose. To be able to wake up each morning and make a small difference in this big world. I have come to realized that photography is my true passion. I have a deep love and appreciation for capturing the art of life. I plan to take small steps this coming year to learn the business, technical, and artistic aspects of photography. My area of interest is in photojournalism. I will be exploring the different areas of photojournalism to find my niche. I hope to launch my own business in 2008. My family is of course my top priority. I hope to be able to balance motherhood, marriage, and career with as much care and attention as possible. I know there will be many challenges ahead. I just have to remind myself each day to spend adequate time in each area. I also need to be completely in the moment and enjoy the journey ahead....


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