Monday, January 21, 2008

Vision Chart

I was sitting around looking at some photography magazines...took some tape and construction paper and created a "vision chart" on my bedroom wall. It was fun to just tape up things that would help make my dream a reality one day. I included the "inspired by canon" ad, convention & trade show info, website designs, canon 5D, digital darkroom photo, and a sketch of my progress towards launching my business.

I was recruited by a VP at my current job to help co-lead an affinity group. I was hestitant to accept the position due the time comittment. However, I knew she believed in me and so I accepted. I faciliated my first official meeting with a room of approximately 20 employees. My goal was to inspire the employees to step up and take intiative to make things happen. We left the meeting with team leads for each intitative. It was an awesome day!

I will be taking a business trip to Dallas tomorrow to attend our campaign launch on Friday. I look forward to this trip because I will have an opportunity to spend time with my childhood buddy. It has been a long time since we last spent quality girlie time together. However, this will be my first time traveling away from my two babies for more than one night. I will miss them much!

We have noticed that Meagan loves to sing, play the guitar, and dance! Her favorite song is by Alicia Keys titled "No One". Every time that song comes on the radio we sing from the top of our lungs. We can hear Meagan singing her version of the lyrics and screaming "ohhh, uh uh uh , ohhhh" Oh! oh!"....we laugh every time...

I am training again to run the Austin half marathon in mid February. After an unsuccessful attempt at training for the Houston Marathon, I have motivated myself to run again. I quit running for about 4 weeks. To my surprise I actually missed running. This past Sunday I ran 6 miles and it felt so great! I just ran 2.25 miles today on the treadmill. The hubby and Meagan actually hung out with me while I was running in the fitness center. I thought that was so sweet. I hope to do well in Austin! Wish me good luck!


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