Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Inspirational Lunch

Monday, had an inspiring lunch with a fellow coworker. Discussed our passions and artistic aspirations. A graphic designer/artist at heart, she truly understood my deep love for photography. We shared the same intense passion to live purposefully. To make a difference in this world and even possibly leave a legacy behind. Her mom, an artist herself, happened to see one of my photos taken at a family wedding ceremony. Her mom complimented my photo and even told my coworker she should learn a few things from me! I was so flattered that she viewed my photo as art. It really meant alot! We plan to work together on some future projects. I look forward to making our thoughts become a reality. I will share my journey as the time comes near.

In the state of learning how to balance motherhood, marriage, family & friends, career, and passion for photography. Trying to be aware and senstive to all areas. I find it difficult at times because I try too hard to be perfect in all areas. I need to learn to take things slowly. A truly difficult thing for someone who loves to make things happen quickly. I thrive on setting a goal and running 100 mph to make it a reality. I will need to take some time to figure this area out. How can I begin to balance everything?


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