Sunday, January 27, 2008

Dallas Trip

Thursday flight to Dallas at 3:30 p.m. First time traveling for my company in almost six years. Dinner at BlueFish with childhood bestfriend Maggie. At least one year since we last seen each other. Shared great memories and caught up on life.
Friday attended sales channel meeting. Opportunity to meet great sales people that support our marketing campaign. The sales manager were outstanding in their presentations. Highly skilled in selling themselves to the audience. Spoke with confidence and positive attitude. Key learning points: 1) clear and confident introduction is key; state who you are, why you are there, and how much time you need; only one chance to make a first impression. 2) be clear on your position; know your product and service and how it can benefit the customer 3) learn how to negotiate by not negotiating; in other words, learn when customers are just bluffing. 4) the best ideas sometimes come in the middle of the night or out of nowhere, remember to always have a notepad close by to record your thoughts. Saturday brunch with Tommy and Maggie at Jen Chi Restaurant. Hand made dumplings and noodles. Dishes were authentic and tasty. Set up of the restaurant was casual and friendly. Feeling from an old Chinese movie. Ordered special dumplings, pancakes, tofu noodles, shrimp stir fried noodles, and a unique rib dish. Fun to try something new and authentic with great company.
This marked the second day away from my two babies for the first time. We are so accustomed to doing almost everything together it is difficult to be apart for long. Arrived back home on Saturday at 4:30 p.m. Meagan and the hubby came to pick me up. I could see her smiling face through the glass windows of our SUV. I smothered her with lots of hugs and kisses. The hubby got plenty of kisses too. =)

Sunday participated in the Rocket's Run/Walkathon. The weather was cold and foggy. Traffic was challenging but we made it on time. Everyone was a great sport. The best part was eating pho afterwards and grabbing some beignets on the ride back home. Everyone attended the free game that night except for Meagan and I. We just stayed home and relaxed. Read some books/magazine together. Danced and sang until we got tired. Did a little laundry, not much since Meagan would take it and throw it across the room. Got a chance to spend some quality time with my little one. The hubby came home early from the game at around nine o'clock. We didnt' get a chance to spend much time together since Meagan woke up in the middle of her sleep. I helped put her back to sleep and ended up sleeping til morning.

I am thankful for a wonderful eventful weekend with family and friends. I absolutely love my life!!!


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